The iChessOne —

Premium ELECTRONIC & FOLDABLE Chessboard for Players like You!

A compact set made for travel.

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Feel the real beauty of chess

The iChessOne is the first wooden, foldable tournament chessboard with online chess server integration and internal memory to save OTB games and generate PGN for analysis!

How are we better?

Electronic & Foldable

  • a unique electronic chessboard, which as the only is foldable!
  • multicolored LED indication
  • piece recognition


  • all the elements stored inside the foldable chessboard: 34 Staunton 5 pieces, USB cable, mobile phone stand and a pen

Remembring Games Played

  • play with a friend OTB and get back to the gameplay with PGN

Play with anyone, anytime

  • play on a real chessboard against someone online